Week one

Revive your confidence

We often notice an identity shift when we’re thinking about returning to work from maternity leave. It leaves us questioning what value we add at work and whether we really are any good at our job. This week we’re going to quieten these gremlins. You’ll identify your personal values, your strengths and skills to create a confidence toolkit. With this you’ll return to work confident in your abilities and feeling proud of who you are.

Week two

Discover how to love your job

When you don’t love your job, the voices of guilt and judgement about being a working mum rampage in our heads; the juggle of everything feels even bigger, the heavy heart of Sunday blues feel even heavier. This week you’ll explore what you actually love to do. You’ll learn what gives your work purpose and what success is for you, giving you assurance and courage in your decision to be a working mum.

Week three

Create a way of working that works for you

Many women struggle to feel a sense of harmony at work after maternity leave. We can feel a constant pressure on our time and our commitment and there's often a dread of childcare falling through. This week you’re going to determine what will work for you; how flexible working and boundaries can support you and how to put them in place. It’ll enable you to return to work feeling in control and with an ease that what you want to achieve is possible.

Week four

Put a plan in place to manage the work home juggle

As working mums, we often feel we're constantly on the go, that we have a never-ending to-do list and we rarely, if ever, get time for ourselves. And the juggle can feel very overwhelming, leaving us anxious and pretty stressed. This week, you’re going to take a good look at everything that you’ve got on your plate and create a plan of how you’ll balance the juggle. You’ll walk away feeling calmer and happier; knowing you really can have it all.


Two group coaching calls

During the course I'll lead two online group coaching sessions – one in week 2 and one in week 4. These real-time coaching calls are an opportunity to tap into my knowledge and expertise, to work through any personal challenges you're coming against and to meet other women who are also preparing to return to work. These calls will inspire you, reassure you and support you.

Your bonuses

  • WhatsApp* Wednesday

    Every Wednesday for the duration of the four week course, I'll be available on WhatsApp to answer your personal questions and to support you in your journey back to work.

  • Private networking group

    Your very own support group of fabulous women who are journeying through the same transition as you through an exclusive and private networking group.

  • Find Your Mama Groove

    A wonderful book by best-selling author Joanna Hunt. She guides you through 5 steps to leave a life of burnout and find one of balance - to find your Mama Groove, and get your energy back.

Here's what others are saying

  • Aurélie Weston

    Alice has amazing expertise and insights and is the perfect partner to guide you through this journey. It's been an incredible discovery and experience for me.

  • Rosie B

    Alice brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the course. It's enabled me to embrace being a working mum and feel great about the choices I have made.

  • Andrea Silberman

    This course was a fantastic gift to myself. It's made me feel a lot more positive - dare I say, excited - about returning to work.

Other important details

  • Only 6 spaces per course

  • Group calls will be held on Zoom on a Thursday evening at 19:45 GMT

  • Calls won't be recorded due to the confidential nature of our work

  • I recommend buying yourself a notebook to jot down reflections, complete the exercises or draw doodles

  • * we are not affiliated with Facebook (including WhatsApp) in any way

About me

Hello, I'm Alice Darbyshire. I've brought 20+ years working in HR, climbing the corporate ladder and my experience as a qualified coach and certified NLP practitioner together with my own motherhood journey. And I'm challenging women and businesses to see the beauty of women having a career alongside motherhood. To enable people to see the possibilities and the choices. To see working motherhood can be brilliant. For everyone.

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